Why Twitter Won’t Sell

There’s a lot of talk with Twitter being sold. Again.

But I will be shocked to see if Twitter is sold soon, even though I feel as I know who the new owner will eventually be.

I haven’t looked into the eyes of Biz Stone and seen his soul to know what he and the Twitter team will do. 

Nor am I one to make accurate predictions. I thought that the Segway would change transportion forever. I still believed that until they set the retail price at $5,000.

If you are curious about what Twitter will do next, you need to realize that this is the team that made Twitter is the team that made Blogger. They’ve made their first success by selling it to Google and then working there afterwords. 

The team left Google to start a not-so-succesful Odeo podcasting program. They saw the writing on the wall in the name of iTunes and Garageband.

They brainstormed and worked on what we know as Twitter.

And you know what? It’s more popular than Blogger ever was. 

You have honest-to-God celebrities using the service. There’s no ghost writer or personal assistant updating their tweets. Well, for the most part, anyway. 

And this talk of a Twitter sale or a business model? 

It’s like when a the hot male lead of a sitcom finally gets with the hot female lead. It’s final. It’s over. 

Sure, there were still a few entertaining moments after Sam and Diane finally kissed or Maddie and David got together, but the drama ended.

As soon as Twitter sells, their red hot celebrity status is over and the guys who built the service stop calling the shots. 

So, they are going to enjoy authoring Twitter into our pop culture lexicon and have a good time spending other people’s money doing it. 

And if Evan sells Twitter to Google, he will have a well-established track record of selling to Google. What venture capitalist wouldn’t want to hear what next idea his team comes up with? 

More power to them all and God bless America.

One thought on “Why Twitter Won’t Sell

  1. Interesting I haven’t heard of it, but I really wonder how Google will monetize twitter.

    They did it with youtube, but in my opinion the user was left out (the ads over the videos? wth?).

    Will they just add google ads around twitter? will they pin text links to each tweet? Really interesting.

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