Daniel Burka digs Cincinnati

Daniel BurkaAs you might know, I’ve been working with AIGA to put together a solid Web design workshop conference in Cincinnati. One in which you really get down to learning the nuts and bolts of building the Web. 

I’m happy to announce today that Daniel Burka, the creative director of Digg, is going to be our keynote speaker.

Digg is a social media news Web site that lets people discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories.

Also Digg recently launched the really cool DiggBar that couples Digg’s features with a URL shortening service. (See it in action here.)

Daniel has a great history of working with various clients like Mozilla, Ning, Pownce and Sloan. He’s helped design a giant portion of the Web we use every day. 

If you register before May 11th, you get $100 off regular pricing for In Control. The early bird discount makes it affordable–and if you are an AIGA member, you get an even better break on the price. If you want the discount code and are an AIGA member contact your local chapter’s board.

If you aren’t an AIGA member, feel free to use my discount code, INCSCHM, and save $50.

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