Adding Social Media Links to YouTube Channel

YouTube engineers are constantly tweaking the user interface and user experience of YouTube. That means changes to YouTube in big broad strokes or in small, incremental steps. 

For an everyday YouTube user, it means expecting the UI, UX, or both to change without any warning. 

As an example, I have CSS Dev Conf’s YouTube channel up and running, but I am still trying to perfect my settings.

One of those settings or tasks is to add links to our other social media accounts from the YouTube channel page.

In the past, this had been a simple process of hovering over the edit channel banner and select Edit Links. 

But that’s changed–not by a whole lot–but enough to make me waste time trying to track down how to do something that was once so basic.

Here are the new steps to add social or outbound links to your YouTube channel:

Step 1. Log into Your Channel 

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.58.26 PM

Log into YouTube and head to your YouTube Channel.

Step 2. Select Channel Settings

YouTube Channel Settings Icon

To get to Channel Settings, click the gear icon underneath your channel banner. A modal or dialog box appears.

Step 3. Select Advance Customizing Features

yes to customize

Select “Customize the layout of your channel” in the dialog box. This is the new wrinkle YouTube has added to add social media links.

Step 4. Choose Edit Links 

edit links

Closing the dialog box, go to the upper right-hand corner of the YouTube banner and select “Edit Links”

Step 4. Add Social Media Links 

Adding links to YouTube channel

Start adding links! Once you save your new links, they will appear on top of the banner artwork in the lower righthand corner. 

That’s all there is to it!

Thanks to this change YouTube made, I lost at least 30 minutes trying figure out something so basic. That may not sound like a lot, but those 30 minutes felt like an eternity as if I was losing my mind because I had done this exact thing to the Non Breaking Space Show channel last year.

What Comes Next Is the Future Trailer #2

What Comes Next Is the Future is the definitive documentary about the web, as told by the people who build it each day.

Their challenges and successes will help us better understand this thing called the web, and what lies ahead. A project by Matt Griffin – founder of Bearded, What Comes Next Is the Future is an effort to capture the titanic shift in the web landscape that mobile devices have initiated.

History of Web Color Names

Where do web color names come from? Alex Sexton breaks down how web colors got their names.

The named colors come from the X11 color (or more specficially, X10R3) back in 1983, in a file named rgb.txt. A list that started out with just 69 entires, now has a lot more.

In this talk, he states:

  • CSS colors come from X11
  • X11 names came from a box of crayons
  • Colors where originally calibrated based on Paul R. HP monitor
  • A lot of the names suck and are terribly inconsistent
  • And some of them are potentially racist (indian red, navajo white, peru)