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Still recovering from my month-long World Tour (more on that later) which wrapped up in Austin for the annual SXSW Interactive conference. This, I believe, is my fifth year attending SXSW, but it was the first year I didn’t speak, which was a decision I made to let me enjoy more of the conference.

One thing I enjoy is the annual Web Standards Project meeting as it’s usually as much of a Who’s Who as the first one, which I think was the largest Web design and development braintrust ever assembled. (You probably won’t see something like that anytime soon.)

3rd Annual Web Standards Project Meeting

During this year’s meeting, The Web Standards Project took ideas and questions from the audience, and announced the Street Team’s bookmark initiative:

How many outdated web design and development books are lurking in your local library, school or college, waiting to corrupt an innocent mind? Want to warn the unsuspecting of these hazardous materials while encouraging librarians to update their shelves? Join the WaSP Street Team by downloading and printing copies of these bookmarks (PDF 3.4MB). Then place these bookmarks in harmfully outdated books.

On the bookmark is a link pointing containing a list of recommend books that The Web Standards Project have approved. 

I’m happy to note that included on the list are two of my recent books: CSS Cookbook and Adapting to Web Standards. Also, all the books on the list are located on Design Library site, which also include books I also personally recommend.

So, if you’ve got an outdated Web design book or, if you happen to be going to a local library, take a few bookmarks with you and check out their Web design books. 

One thought on “The Web Standards Project Book Initiative

  1. Outdated library, like singular? I’ll bet there are multiple librarIES around FSU that contain web design books from the mid 90s. So for folks out there who want to be experts in coding table-based websites, Florida State is probably the place to be.

    Love this idea though. Downloadable bookmarks: nice!

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