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Even though I’m flying from the MIX08 conference in Las Vegas to SXSW Interactive in Austin (currently waiting for my flight to start boarding, actually), one might get tired of traveling to conferences. 

That’s not the case with me. In fact, I’ll be making a few appearances in the next few months that I’m very excited about. 

In late April, I’m speaking to Raymond Walters College’s AIGA Student Group in my backyard of Cincinnati. As a former graphic design student and now Web designer/author, I’m eager to answer any questions they have but also learn about their thoughts on Web design. When I was a graphic design student, there wasn’t such a thing as“Web design”. (Oh, and I walked 12 miles in snow every day to class, too.) I’m thinking it will be interesting to hear what students who are being taught Web design in a traditional educational instution have to say about the field. 

Then in May, I’m heading over to Portland for this year’s Web Visions. I’ll be presenting a session entitled “CSS Transformation”, where I walk through a somewhat secretive CSS-enabled design that I conjured up while working on Adapting to Web Standards. Some people procrastinate by playing video games or doodling, I apparently try things out with CSS and XHTML to see if I can get them to work. 

And in June, I’m heading for the first time to Nashville to take part in Voices That Matter Conference that’s put on by New Riders. My session hasn’t been posted on the site yet, but it’s entitled “From PSD to CSS FTW!” I’ll be talking about the decision process and steps involved in converting a finished graphic design into sensible Web-based images to be used within valid XHTML+CSS.

That’s about it for now. Hope to see you in Cinciportlaville!

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