Non Breaking Space Show № 83: Bruce Floyd & Todd Sanders — Social Media

Screenshot of Bruce Floyd & Todd Sanders

Today’s Non Breaking Space Show guests are Bruce Floyd and Todd Sanders. 

While social media replaced the cultural tradition of inviting friends over for dinner and then subjecting them to a slide show of your vacation, it’s more than that to organizations and companies. It’s communication, promotion, boasting, customer service, brand awareness, and more.

Bruce Floyd is the Social Media Manager at University of Florida Athletic Association and Todd Sanders is Director of Social Media at University of Florida. While one covers student athletics and the other covers academia and campus life, respectfully, together they cover largest portions of the University of Florida’s social media brand.

We ask how they handle social media for two similar, but distinctly different parts of Gator Nation.

Topics Discussed with Bruce Floyd and Todd Sanders:

  • 1:23 → Sponsors: CSS Summit, Uber, CSS Dev Conf, Feed.Press
  • 3:15 → Introductions
  • 3:50 → Typical day in Bruce’s life and types of projects that he works on.
  • 5:40 → Typical day in Todd’s life and types of projects that he works on.
  • 6:40 → Mercedes Benz Tweet Race
  • 8:43 → How long has Todd been on social media?
  • 12:44 → How Bruce got started in social media and how he became a part of college sports
  • 17:20 → Recruiting students and athletes with social media.
  • 19:42 → Bruce talks about recruitment and social content including Snapchat.
  • 21:30 → Talking about Snapchat usage.
  • 23:02 → Using Snapchat takeovers so you’re not a fraud.
  • 26:30 → Are there downsides of Snapchat?
  • 28:50 → Using an outline for Snapchat.
  • 34:20 → Top new social media platforms that are used in early 2016.
  • 36:58 → Recording 360’ videos and photos.
  • 39:30 → Vine is a good platform for sharing content.
  • 41:20 → What’s happening with Facebook Live?
  • 48:00 → How are you using Instagram?
  • 49:45 → How do you decide which social media outlet to use and when?
  • 51:20 → Using YouTube as an archive and not sharing links to YouTube videos
  • 54:00 → Todd’s advice for making movies for Twitter.
  • 57:10 → How does Bruce track results on various platforms?

Non Break­ing Space Show is still free of charge to those without the Star Wars Chewbacca Mom action figure along with the show notes and resources: Non Breaking Space Show № 83: Bruce Floyd & Todd Sanders — Social Media

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