The Outdoor Glacial Climate Workplace

Mendenhall Glacier

While on vacation last week I met a woman excited about her job.
Most of the week and only if the weather is right, she rides a helicopter to the top of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska—sets things up for tourists with her team mates.

Then she helps give four tours for people coming from all over the world who are happy to be there, too.

I’m pretty sure has a brown bagged lunch, but I forgot to ask. There isn’t a vending machine in sight. Only thing to drink is melting glacier ice. I was told there are some protein bars stowed away in a cooler in the tent, but I never saw them.

Along with her team, she is surrounded by the blue ice, crisp air, natural water, with one hell of a view from 9 to 5.

When the work day is over, she gets the scenic commute back down to sea level.

I decide to change my desktop’s backdrop to that of photo of the glacier that a better photographer took and get back to coding.

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