My Free July 4th Online CSS Presentation (That’s On July 2nd)

This Thursday afternoon at 3p.m., I’ll be holding an online webinar.

In a celebration of USA’s Independence Day and Web design nerdery, I’ll be walking online participants through various strategies for working with CSS to create a rich visual presentation—the US Flag—out of everyday markup.

It’s one of my most popular presentations and it’s free for the first thirteen people that sign up. 

The 37 next people who sign up afterwards, it’s $17.76 a ticket. (Get it?)

I hope you attend as I always have a blast with this presentation and I tend to give away some books, too.

Technical Specifications

More CSS Goodness

If you would like to know more about CSS and attend a full day conference without leaving your computer, check out the CSS Summit.

CSS Summit topics and speakers include:

  • Future CSS & Markup by Molly E. Holzschlag
  • Tomorrow’s CSS3 Today by Dave McFarland
  • CSS & Coding Layouts by Stephanie Sullivan
  • CSS & Flexible Layouts by Zoe Gillenwater
  • CSS & Web Form Elements by Christopher Schmitt
  • CSS & Troubleshooting IE6 by Kimberly Blessing
  • Object Oriented CSS by Nicole Sullivan
  • CSS & Fluid Typography by Jason Cranford-Teague

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