Announcing The DIY Summit

After the success of The CSS Summit, the virtual conference dedicated to the design technology, Environments for Humans is putting on a conference for the freelance Web designer.

It’s called The DIY Summit and we’ve lined up a number of great speakers and content for the freelancer or the in-house design team of one: 

The DIY Summit takes Septemeber 17th. Where? Online. 

That’s right. Online!

All you need is a modern browser, a broadband connection, and some undivided attention. No need to book expensive hotel rooms or air travel. 

Also, you will be doing Mother Earth some good. We estimated we saved 40,000lbs of CO2 by having The CSS Summit online through the Interwebs. 

Tickets for The DIY Summit are also relatively cheap compared to other conferences: $139.00 for a single ticket. 

If you are an organization or company wanting to project the conference in a meeting room, the ticket price is $439.00.

You can save $25 no matter which ticket you use by using my discount code, DIYCHRISS.

The DIY Summit should prove to be a shot of adrenalin-inspiration for those who build the Web single-handedly. I hope to see you there!

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