CSS Cookbook Reader Contest

As I noted earlier, one of the hip things about being at Molly Holzschlag’s Train the Trainer was the free swag the attendees got. 

I snagged my fair share of the swag for helping out, but really can’t justify having some of the more choice elements of swag as either I don’t need it or I already had copy at the office. 

So, I decided to run a little swag giveaway contest for those readers that have picked up a copy of the CSS Cookbook.

Apologies to Dan Cederholm, but I’m going to copy his book contest he had a while back, but with give it a little twist. 

How to Enter

There are three easy steps to enter:

  1. Take a picture of you and your copy of CSS Cookbook and post it Flickr. Funny poses encouraged, but not required.
  2. Once the photograph is on the site, tag the photo with csscookbook.
  3. Then post a comment on this blog post with a link to your photograph.

How to Win

I’m going to generate a couple of random numbers and match them to the comment number for this blog post. (Note that comment numbers are generated automatically and sequentially.) If that matching blog comment has a link to flickr with a valid photograph of the CSS Cookbook, it wins.

Pictures need to be posted before 11:59pm ET by Thursday November 8th.

The Prizes

There are two prize packages, Software+Book Prize and a DVD Prize:

One Software+Book Prize winner will receive a copy of Microsoft Expression Web and a copy of Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke, edited and with a foreword by Molly, and an introduction by Dave Shea.

The DVD Prize winner will receive a copy of CSS for Designers that’s from Lynda.com which features Andy and Molly. 

I’ll be mailing out the prize packages so they can get out of the office ASAP. 

Sounds good? Best of luck!

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