5 CSS3 Resources for Web Designers

When Internet Explorer 7 for Windows (IE7) was released in early October of this year, the browser featured the hard work of many developers and engineers to bring the browser up to par in rendering CSS. Sure, there are some things missing, but overall it’s a solid rendering browser (with it’s fair share of bugs).

Yes, IE7 is the browser we should have had five years ago and because of that Web designers can finally do what they haven’t been able to do for quite a long time: start looking foreword. Namely, at CSS3.

I decided to cull together a short five item resouce list to help designers get on a good path for learning more about CSS3:

  1. Jina Bolton’s presentation slides CSS3 and What Could Be (PDF) from her presentation at FoWD2007 is a good start to the potential of CSS3. (I wish there was audio to go along with it!)
  2. Roger Johansson’s Web site is where I go to when I need a quick refresher on the upcoming CSS3 selectors when I want to stop getting cross-eyed reading the W3C documentation.
  3. Cédric Savarese writes about the CSS3 Multi-Column Module at A List Apart:

    “The W3C multi-column module is a CSS level-three working draft, proposed by the W3C to extend the current CSS box model. The module’s intent is to allow content to flow into multiple columns inside an element. It offers new CSS properties that let the designers specify in how many columns an element should be rendered. The browser takes care of formatting the text so that the columns are balanced.” 

  4. Everyone likes rounded corners. I wrote up four different methods for pulling off the technique in the last edition of my CSS Cookbook. Fellow CSS author and speaker Andy Budd wrote about a pure CSS3 solution to tackle rounded corners that works in Firefox.
  5. Check out a preview of CSS3 text effects, backgrounds, borders and more at CSS3.info.

There are a few of CSS3 sites I picked out, but what are your favorite CSS3 resouces?

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  1. Thanks for the reference. The Carsons are burning DVDs of the session, and may possibly be selling them? I’m not sure. Anyway, I do plan to write out what I talked about in an article, so people can get more out of it than just slides. 🙂

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