WordUp Austin: Cultivating Community

            In his presentation at <a href="http://wordupaustin.com/">WordUp Austin</a> inaugural event, <a href="https://twitter.com/@clarklab">Clark Kimberly</a> discusses his experience at <a href="http://androidandme.com/">Google Android Community</a> on building a community through WordPress and plugins <a href="http://biturlz.com/hKbNWNo">oxycontin 10mg</a>. 

Talk to your audience

  • Directly address users 
  • Ask questions of your users, expect that they will have questions 
  • Respond to their questions, comments audience members make 
  • Highly engage with social tools 

Getting social

  • Get on all networks, dominate one 
  • Share content from others, don’t share just your own stories 
  • Even share content from competitors 
  • Respond, respond, respond to users 

Polling your audience

Featuring user content

  • Widgets 
  • Comment of the day 
  • Twitter/social
  • No forums! 

Setting up user’s identity/influence

Running contests

  • Prizes don’t matter like using conference schwag, but are nice when they do. 
  • Mix it up the type of contests from retweeting a message or leaving a message on a blog post 
  • Example: 25 Days of Tegra
  • #HackTheNews was a way for users to re-write the headline and tweet it out 

Do things with your users

  • WP_User_Query allows you to go through your users based on user’s criteria 
  • Pull people’s information from the WP backend to an extranet for user profiles using user meta function
  • Mix it up 

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