Web Visions 2009 Workshop and Panel

I’m gearing up to visit Voodoo Doughnuts and Japanese Garden once again! In late May, I am excited to return to Web Visions in Portland, OR. 

I will be ginving my workshop on workflow and coding decisions in From PSD to XHTML+CSS 4TW!

Topics will be varied, but the highlights are:

  • Working with Adobe Fireworks to create compelling images
  • Using Photoshop for increase development, turnaround times
  • Using CSS frameworks to speed up development time
  • Review of CSS techniques to make your page designs more progressive
  • Add JavaScript frameworks to fix CSS in older browsers while adding effects in modern browsers
  • How version control setups like Subversion can benefit your workflow

For this type of workshop, I do ask a lot of the audience. Every freelancer and agency is different in how they handle workflows. We all have our tips and techniques on how to get work done–so be prepared to share and learn!

Just a note: if you plan on attending, the early bird rates end on March 31st.

If you stick around the rest of the conference, I’ll be joining Kimberly Blessing for the Designing Our Way Through Web Forms panel. 

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