Using Yahoo! Pipes to Filter Blog Content

After writing my blog post about the Chopping Block blog adding new writers and thus, in my mind, diluting the brand, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I took the blog feed graciously supplied by the Orlando Sentinel, put it into Yahoo! pipes. From there it was an easy step to filter out everything except Andrew Carter’s blog posts and then take the resulting output into its own feed. 

If you are an FSU sports fan and are so inclined, feel free to add the revised feed to your feed reader of choice.

If not, maybe the concept itself can be helpful. 

Take a look at the (rather simplistic) solution to see Yahoo! Pipes was used and apply the same concept to other sites you read. (Maybe roll your own custom MetaFilter digest?)

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the Web is about one-to-one relationship. The Internet is about the making content free and allowing people to do their mixing or, in this case, stripping out what they don’t like.

One thought on “Using Yahoo! Pipes to Filter Blog Content

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Yahoo! Piipes and have been using it for a few years to remix feeds. Really useful with things like Twitter Search. I also am planning on integrating PostRank with many of my feeds.

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