Train the Trainer Swag Prep

Train the Trainer Swag Prep

Molly E. Holzschlag’s free Train the Trainer program is a small, focused gathering for those who are in education, technology training, or work with a company where they can provide in-depth training for their teams.

Topics include HTML, XHTML and CSS technology principles as well as project management ideas, code reviews and one-on-one time. And let’s not forget the free swag, too! 

The swag packages include a free copy of Microsoft’s Expression Web software, IE7 water bottle and stickers, a copy of CSS for Designers, a copy of Transcending CSS, and a copy of the CSS Cookbook.

All in all, it comes out to over $500 dollars in free stuff. 

Not too bad for a free workshop, eh? 

Thanks to Microsoft,, PeachPit and O’Reilly for sending us the karma points to pass onto others.

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