The Problem with Binge Watching

One does not simple watch one episode of a series. You binge watch them all.

I love being able to watch television shows in long stretches of time.

It’s great for people’s ADD.

It’s great for studios to get additional revenue.

It’s great for the environment as it keeps old shows from being printed on DVDs stored in the budget barrels of Wal-Marts across the nation.

The absolute worst thing, though, about is watching a show and meeting the actors right afterwards.

Before the Star Trek movie reboot, I binged watched the old Star Trek series, Enterprise.

Previously, I had watched it when it came on broadcast television, but life came up at me and, really, it wasn’t that entertaining as a weekly serial.

But for a Star Trek fan wanting to be a completist, it makes for great binge watching.

Which is what I did.

No sooner had I completed the series, with it fresh in my mind, that I happened upon a quick conversation with Scott Bakula outside of Comic Con one year.

I immediately asked him if an Enterprise movie would be in the works.

He graciously laughed it off with a good natured quip, but I was left puzzled.

Until I did the math.

The television show had been off the air for at least five-to-six years already.

By the time I had seen him from Enterprise to then see him in-person was a few days to me, but in reality, a quick IMDB search showed that Bakula had been on several other television and Broadway shows since that show.

Television binging gives one a loose grip on reality that gets more pronounced if you run into the actors immediately after viewing.

I fear the more this happens we might cause a time continuum crisis.



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