Thanksgiving Turkey Photo Essay

This year I decided to document the brining and cooking process my brother uses for the Thanksgiving Turkey. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Photo Essay

He followed Alton Brown’s 2004 recipe for Honey Brined Smoked Turkey.

Sort of.

Instead of smoking the bird, we put it in the oven (as you will be able to see) to get that unique holiday smell in the house. I couldn’t smell anything as my nose was congested most of the week.

For posterity, I present you with the recipe, but also for a selfish reason: I don’t want to google for fluid ounce conversions for honey next year. 

1 gallon hot water
1 pound kosher salt (2.5−3 cups = ~24 fl oz.)
2 quarts vegetable broth
1 pound honey (~ 1 13 cups)
1 (7‑pound) bag of ice
1 (15 to 20-pound) turkey, with giblets removed
Vegetable oil, for rubbing turkey

Combine the hot water and the salt in a 54-quart cooler. Stir until the salt dissolves. Stir in the vegetable broth and the honey. Add the ice and stir. Place the turkey in the brine, breast side up, and cover with cooler lid.. Brine overnight, up to 12 hours.
Remove the turkey from the brine and dry thoroughly. Rub the bird thoroughly with the vegetable oil. Heat the grill to 400 degrees F.

Use 1 Reynold’s Oven Bag. Spray Pam cooking spray in bag as lightly and evenly as possible. Add a bit of flour and shake bag to disperse flour around bag. 

Insert turkey into bag and following cooking directions that came with oven bag to determine amount of time bird should be in the oven. 

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