SXSW Autograph Tour Giveaway

Are you planning on going to SXSW Interactive Festival this year? If so, you can take part in the Adapting to Web Standards SXSW Autograph Tour Giveaway.

Print out the form below, then track down (politely) all the co-authors and get their signature on the form. Afterwards, give the form to me for a copy of the book. 

The first five people that do that get the book for free!

Adapting to Web Standards SXSW Autograph Tour Giveaway

UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that a group of Web design and development folks may not have access to a printer or they simply do not want to carry around a piece of paper in which to obtain our lovely signatures. (The word meatspace was even banied about in a potential derogratory fashion.)

To that end, we’ve changed up the rules to the contest. 

You can use your digital camera or mobile’s camera to capture a photo of each of the authors .However, there are some rules to the photo entires! 

  1. Only you and one author per photo
  2. photo has to be in the style of Tanteking,
  3. each photo needs to uploaded to Flickr (they have free accounts, so no complaining) and properly tagged with: 
    1. authors name,
    2. your name,
    3. the phrase “tanteking”,
    4. and the phrase “sxsw09autographtourgiveaway”.

Also, if you happen to be old school and collect all the signatures on paper, you will receive an additional prize To Be Determined Later. 

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