Non Breaking Space Show № 86: Dr. Christine Corbett — Astrophysics in Antartica

In this episode, Christopher Schmitt talks with Dr. Christine Corbett. Dr. Corbett works on the South Pole Telescope on-site at the South Pole in Antarctica for January-November 2016 with the University of Chicago.

Topics discussed with Dr. Christine Corbett:

  • 2:35 → Who are you and where are you?
  • 3:58 → What brought you to Antarctica?
  • 5:08 → What is the experiment Dr. Corbett is working on?
  • 6:33 → What does the sound of the Big Bang look like?
  • 10:11 → How long is your experiment going on?
  • 11:13 → How do you get materials and supplies in to Antarctica?
  • 15:31 → What’s Dr. Corbett’s typical day working on Antarctica?
  • 17:26 → What problems does the satellite have?
  • 22:39 → How many people work at the station?
  • 23:25 → Do people come back repeatedly?
  • 24:40 → What are some of the unique customs at Antarctica?
  • 27:38 → Unique ways birthdays are celebrated at Antarctica.
  • 28:55 → Getting outside for the fun of it or for work?
  • 31:18 → How fun is Pokemon Go in Antarctica?
  • 32:38 → Does Dr. Corbett’s experiment end when she leaves or does someone else take it up on the next shift?
  • 35:00 → Is this experience something Dr. Corbett going to return to in the future?

Non Break­ing Space Show is still free of charge to those who have caught Mew Pokémon: Non Breaking Space Show № 87: Dr. Christine Corbett — Astrophysics in Antartica

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The Internet's Christopher Schmitt is an award winning designer, author, and speaker and one of the people behind the web conference team, Environments for Humans. He hosts the Non Breaking Space Show and curates the weekly UX Design Newsletter.

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