Non Breaking Space Show № 81: Matt Griffin — What Comes Next is the Future

Matt Griffin on Non Breaking Space Show

Today’s Non Breaking Space Show guest is Matt Griffin. Based in Pittsburgh, Matt Griffin is a designer and founder of the web design consultancy Bearded. He’s a speaker, writer, educator, and an avid advocate for collaboration in design. His writing has been published by net magazine and A List Apart, where he writes the regular column on “How We Work.” Matt is the director of the upcoming documentary film What Comes Next Is the Future, the definitive documentary about the web as told by the people who build it each day. The film premiers August 2016.

Topics discussed with Matt Griffin:

  • 3:21 → Sponsors: CSS Summit, Lyft, CSS Dev Conf, Feed.Press
  • 4:55 → What’s your movie about?
  • 6:05 → How’d the idea for the movie get started?
  • 9:30 → Fundraising via Kickstarter
  • 10:25 → Pushing from 50% to 100% on Kickstarter
  • 13:10 → Editing film as compared to audio editing.
  • 14:50 → Paralyzed by fear of making friends look good.
  • 17:30 → How’d you get Tim Berners-Lee on the film?
  • 22:01 → Talking about Matt’s I, Web Designer talk
  • 27:00 → What are the major themes of the film?
  • 28:20 → What’s the superpower of the web?
  • 31:00 → Javascript as the trapdoor to fixing the internet.
  • 32:30 → What does the web prize most?
  • 33:40 → Stories of Ethan Marcotte unveiling responsive web design
  • 35:10 → What’s the aftermath of responsive web design?
  • 36:50 → Talking about the earlier days of the web.
  • 38:00 → Printing out binders of mapquest.
  • 41:59 → What are some pivital experiences for Matt through making the documentary?
  • 43:40 → Is it all or nothing with the web?
  • 44:52 → When is the premiere?

Non Break­ing Space Show is still free of charge to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ticket holders along with the show notes and resources: Non Breaking Space Show № 81: Matt Griffin — What Comes Next is the Future

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