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Of the social media networks, I like to think I understand Twitter the most.

The Facebook replaces the need to go our family and friends’ places and see their family vacation photographs in person. Or worst yet, slideshows of ads.

Snapchat, however, I don’t get it. For a service that delivers 7 billion videos a day1 , I figured it’s time to dive in. 

So, I’m looking to get up and running with Snapchat. 

Thankfully, there’s a course called Up and Running with Snapchat by Anson Alex .

Also, it’s Saturday night and this is how I roll now. Apparently.

Sunday; April 3, 2016

12:06 AM

Opening up the web site and logging into

12:11 AM 

First, up the welcome message. Snapchat is a “unique social media sharing program.” Snapchat is on Android and iOS respective app stores.

12:14 AM 

Snapchat sends video and messages to friends OR family. Oh, friends AND family, too.

Snaps can only be sent once by the recipient—except for some “conditions”. Seems ominous. 

Maximum video length is 10 seconds long. So, videos need to be memorable. 

12:16 AM 

Going through the Snapchat account registration process. I already set one up years ago, it looks like. Also, it appears I’ve gained a few friends and a family members since I last opened up the app.

So, reviewing the Snapchat does on-boarding process. As a designer, it’s interesting to see the UX instead of living it.

12:19 AM

Once you are done with the onboard processing, you get the main camera screen–a major area in Snapchat:

  • The big circle is for taking a photo or video: Press-click to take a photo and press-and-hold to record a video.
  • Upper right corner allows for switching of back and front cameras.
  • Bottom-left of the screen is the the bumber of
  • Swipe left-to-right to access inbox.

12:25 AM

You can add friends AT ANY TIME! Crazy, I know.

Also, the course is reminded me that Snapchat is a medium to share videos and pictures. So, I better get some friends:

My account is “teleject” on Snapchat.

12:31 AM

First time recording the video, Snapchat asks to access the microphone. 

You can record a video for up to 10 seconds. You might rembeber that factiod from 10 minutes ago.

When you are ready to send your snap, you can specify which Snapchat to send to. You can send it to one or multiple people. 

You can even at the Snapcat to “My Story” and my “friends” can view the Snapchat as many times as they like within a 24 hour window. 

It’s the exception to the “view once” Snapchat rule.

Also, I’m more than halfway done with this course!

12:42 AM

Somewhat hung up on the content disappearing. Is content creation really this disposable? Tweets and Facebook postings don’t disappear. 

You can type captions on your Snapchat by pressing the Type icon in the top right of the Camera screen.

Once you press done on the keyboard, captions can be moved anywhere. Press and hold on the captions while moving them to your new desired location for the caption.

For filters, slide on the Snap from right to left. Filters will slide over the image. There are several to pick from–some are basic photographic filters to dynamic text (like picking our location, your speed, etc.). If you don’t get these cool filters, you might need to enabled location services for the Snapchat app in your phone’s setting.

You can do free form drawing by clicking on the pencil icon. Pick the color you want and then draw with your finger over the Snap. 

Of course, you can add emojis. We are not savages. Click on the sticker icon in the upper right corner. Scroll through the list of emojis. Using your fingers on the touch screen, you can position, place, enlarge, or shrink the image over the Snap. And you can add more than one emoji on a Snap photo. So, go nuts.

12:55 AM

You can also adjust the amount of time a friend can view a photo. This can be up to 10 seconds. Adjust this feature in the lower lefthand corner of the Camera screen. 

If you love your Snap photo, you can save it to your photos app by clicking on the down arrow icon in the lower left hand screen. 

Well, that helps me feel better from creating disposable media!

To automatically saved a Snap photo to your “My Stories” section–which can be seen by all your friends, I believe–select the plus sign icon. This saves a step or two and allows for quick sharing–and allows friends to see the Snap for up to 24 hours. 

Of course, you can always be in greater control of your Snaps and send them directly to friends by clicking the right arrow in the lower righthand corner of the Camera screen. This brings up your friends directory. Check off the friends that you want to receive the Snap photo.

1:06 AM

Again, if you get a Snapchat, the icon in the Camera screen will show a number in the lower righthand corner. 

To view a Snap from a friend, it will appear as a solid colored icon next to their name in the Snapchat inbox. 

Where as Snapchats that you have sent to a friend will have an arrow next to their name.

Better know a Snapchat icon by reading the icon directory in Snapchat help. Please someone tell me there’s a Memory game made out of this?

1:08 AM

When viewing a Snap that someone has sent you, hold and press the screen the entire time for the Snap. 

You can also chat directly to a friend via Snapchat because text message software needs to be reprogrammed otherwise it’s not a social media app.

In the settings, you can make updates to how to be notified that when new Snaps arrive. You can also set other settings about privacy, setting up your Best Friends, gloss over their Terms of Service.

1:19 AM

Reviewing now who can see Snaps. Sent directly to friends, only friends. Send to “My Story”, all friends in your directory.

Do Snaps really disappear “for good”? It depends. They appear to disappear–If it’s on the internet, it’s probably out there. 

If you want to delete your Snapchat, you need to go to the Snapchat web site. Once there, log into the site under the account you wish to delete and follow the Support/Help documents for instructions on deleting the account.

That’s it! We’re Snapchat pros!

1:20 AM

That was pretty basic, but it definitely does what is said on the package to get us up and running. 

  1. According to Business Insider 

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