IZEAFest: Improving Your Content

Susie Gardner’s Improving Your Content presentation as a part of IZEAFest in Orlando, FL dealt with the elements of a successful blog.

  • Content is king, obligatory slide (with gold crown).
  • Your content needs to inform, attract, deliver, entertain,
    inspire, and convey. 
  • Assuming you goal is to have an audience: 
    • You want to keep the audience. 
    • You want to attract new people. 
  • Speaking of goals, you should have one. 
    • The goals should be in line with what your audience is
    • Make yourself a mission statement to define what your
      goals are with your content. 
    • Having an audience of “everyone” isn’t to cut it. 
  • Niche
    • By finding a niche, you get to be specific with your
    • If you are not passionate about what you are writing
      about, then it’s going to get boring. 
    • You don’t have to be an expert about what you are writing
    • Examples of niche: 
      • Online journalism
      • Candy
      • Logo design
  • Frequency
    • There’s a magic formula: 
      • Step 1: First out how much time it takes you to
        create a post (x)
      • Step 2: Find out how much time you have in a day (y)
      • Step 3: y/x equals you are able to write 
  • Comments
    • They are free content.
    • Comments come to you as a reward for the hard work
      in putting in quality content. 
    • Comments get to grow your content, unless you get to
      that success bracket where you literally cannot handle
      the load. 
    • They are some downfalls, people don’t want to deal with: 
      • Spam
      • Flamewars, etc.
    • You can work on worst case scenarios, 
    • Create a policy in case stuff shows up that you don’t
      • By having a policy others will know how you will
        determine to deal with it. 
    • You need to respond to comments to show that you are
    • Ways to encouraging comments: 
      • Blog posts with ancedotes are good. Stories about your day are things
        people respond to. 
      • Asking a leading question at the end of the posts,
        asking for input. 
  • Food for Thought 
    • Experimentation is okay. You have a moving target with your blog.
    • Carry a notebook with you to capture ideas for blog posts. 
    • Everyone loves a good a tangent.
    • Spelling, grammar, and editing count.
    • Contests and polls.
    • Guest bloggers.
    • Rants/unpopular opinions.
  • Cool blogs:

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