Help Us Help Molly Holzschlag

Who is Molly?

She’s a woman who did nothing, but help change the direction of the web for good in ways we, thankfully, can take for granted today.

As Zeldman was talking about independent content and promoting the mantra “the independent content producer refuses to die”, Molly was there, too, helping to make sure the web was and is for everyone.

She’s worked with the best like Microsoft, Opera, CERN, AOL, Microsoft, BBC, Opera, Web Standards Project, and Netscape. 

She’s helped educate others through her numberous books. She’s written or co-authored such as Integrated Web Design, The Zen of CSS Design with Dave Shea, and Trandscending CSS with Andy Clarke. 

The fund for Molly’s care is over the goal of $50,000 for treatment, but more is needed to help her pay those non-medical bills that pile up when facing a health concern.

Please, help me raise funds for Molly Holzschlag’s medical care by giving what you can and/or by helping me spreading the word. 

It’s very much appreciated. 

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