Announcing the In Control Orlando Web Design Workshop Conference

In Control Cincinnati Web Design Workshop Conference was a huge success. One of the best compliments we received was from an attendee who they felt that they were being overserved throughout the two nerd-filled days.

For 2010, we dcided to take the show on the road to Florida. In conjunction with AIGA Orlando, we’re having In Control take place on Feb. 22–23rd in, well, Orlando. 

I’m humbled to have such a great number of talented speakers for In Control Orlando:

While the surroundings may change, the formula for In Control hasn’t:

  • Longer sessions by speakers to dive deeper into the material
  • Wrap-up sessions each day with that day’s slate of speakers
  • One-track conference so everyone shares the same experience
  • Capping registrations to 100 people so not to have your voice drowned out
  • Comparitively priced to other conferences plus lunch and snacks throughout the day

And the last item to the formula is that In Control needs to be a conference I would not only would want to attend, but I would put down my hard-earned money to pay to see myself. 

The early bird discount makes it affordable–and if you are an AIGA member, you get an even better break on the price. If you want the discount code and are an AIGA member contact your local chapter’s board.

If you aren’t an AIGA member, feel free to use my discount code, INCSCHM, and save an additional $50.

(If you are a member of AIGA, you can get a separate, better additional discount, too. Be sure to contact your local AIGA board for the discount code!) 

Just like we did in June, we are going to have a great time this February in Orlando and I invite you to join us.

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