A Wet Wookie in New Orleans

CSS Dev Conf 2014 Parade in New Orleans

It actually rained on my parade.

After months of planning, the CSS Dev Conf crowd paraded through New Orleans’ French Quarter complete with side line band, stilt walkers, and police escort.

A couple of attendees brought juggling gear. Other attendees dressed up in costume. Most carried masks given to them at the Opening Reception the night before. 

I walked around as a furry Chewbacca and we had all ended up in Jackson Square. 

Right into torrent of Gulf Coast rain.

We were prepared. We had plenty of plastic rain ponchos for everyone that showed up.

However, it’s almost impossible to put a poncho over Chewbacca. And not recommended, either.

At Jackson Square, attendees separated by some of the best tour guides in New Orleans based on their interest: Ghosts, True crimes, or New Orleans history. 

Me? I looked on as attendees dispersed into the dark, wet French Quarter architecture.

Happy that the attendees braved a tornado watch for the parade and were now on tour of New Orleans, I was a bit dejected thinking of what could have been. The missed laughter and jokes that only a cool New Orleans evening could afford.

I stood as a wet wookie in the rain.

With nothing left to do, I headed over to Café Du Monde, the legendary beignet and coffee shop, where people not on tours were already gathered and where all the tours would eventually end up.

About to cross the street to the cafe, I bumped into a city native that also braved the weather.

Beer on his breath and an unopened beer can in hand, “Excuse me,” he said instinctually. “Sorry about—CHEWBACCA?! What are YOU doing in town?”

I smirked, haven forgotten my attire for the evening.

Then I pointed, “Crossing the street. To Café Du Monde.”

Well, that’s great… no, WAIT! No, sir. No, sir.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Uhm..?”

Chewbacca is NOT getting rained on. Not in my city! Not on my watch!”

Then in his other hand, opened up his umbrella covered my head and escorted me across Decatur St. safely to Café Du Monde.

I thanked him and I walked into cafe to find my crowd with a growing smile on my face.

It never rained on me in New Orleans that night or the rest of my time in the Crescent City.

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