2nd Annual In Control Conference

Coming this February, the 2nd Annual In Control Web Design Conference takes place in Orlando—far from Winter’s snowy reach!

After speaking at and attending several conferences, I’m very proud to say that the AIGA Orlando In Control Conference is an entirely different beast of Web design conference.

While SXSW and other conferences have couple of hundreds to thousands of people attend, we limit registration to a hundred people. 

With limited enrollment, attendees get an intimate environment to focus like a laser beam on the content.

We’ve curated the content so that, for example, you aren’t getting that HTML5 talk at the end of the conference, for example, when you really needed it at the start to better understand the nature of semantic markup in its relation to CSS3 and jQuery. 

Also, by keeping the conference to one-track, we aren’t forcing you to pick between two great speakers that would otherwise be slotted to speak at the same time.

Then at the end of each day, there’s the Wrap-Up Panel. 

That’s when that day’s speakers join forces and take any questions from the attendees and even from fellow speakers. (Also, it’s a good time to ask for a design critique of your Web site!)

Giving attendees enough time to learn and ask questions of the attendees is at the core of In Control as sessions run about an hour and 40 minutes long.

This extra time helps keep speakers from feeling rushed (which in turn then makes them actually rushed) in presenting their material and opens up to more opportunity for Q&A. It’s web knowledge and experience in HD.

Just like last year, In Control boasts an incredible line-up:

And we don’t want to throw you into the streets to fend for yourself!

Thanks to MailChimp’s sponsorship, we provide snacks and lunch on both days. (Over at Environments for Humans, we’re still raving about the chocolate cake from last year’s In Control.)

As for swag, we also want to make sure it’s actually useful to attendees. 

Thanks to our in-kind sponsors of O’Reilly, A Book Apart, PeachPit, Apress, and Rosenfeld Meda, your conference swag are Web design books!

Plus, a portion of your ticket goes back to AIGA Orlando to help promote design, mentoring projects and more in the local community. 

If you’re serious about Web design and want to leave feeling inspired by some of the best in the business, check out this year’s AIGA Orlando In Control Conference. 

And for a limited time, you can get $200 off with early bird pricing!

I’ll see you there!

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