RWD Summit 2013: Performance, Clients, Trenches

The web doesn’t sit still for a moment. Illustrating just how much has happened in a year, this year’s RWD Summit stretches into a jammed-pack three days this April 16–18.

Performance dominates the first day of the RWD Summit. Before the smart phone and tablet revolution, sites got fat.

One of the main talents a web designer can possess: creating a big impression with the least amount of code. It’s time to get back to our roots by recognizing we don’t always know how fast our sites show up on our visitor’s devices.

The second day is dedicated to strategy. We discuss client management in the more agile development process of RWD, along with new approaches to content strategy and typography.

The third day is for those that are in the trenches: the web builders.

We will be looking at new concepts in building out RWD sites with CSS fractals, how to use Sass and Compass, RWD sidebars, and much more.

If you want to dive into RWD and bring the experts to your desktop, sign up for RWD Summit today.

If you are busy and can’t make it for one or all-three days, don’t worry. All the sessions are recorded and are part of the purchase price. You can catch the sessions later at your own convenience.

See you at the Summit!