Non Breaking Space Show № 73: Tammy Everts — Web Performance

Today’s Non Breaking Space Show guest is Tammy Everts. Tammy has spent the past two decades obsessed with the many factors that go into creating the best possible user experience. As a senior researcher and evangelist at SOASTA, she researches the technical, business, and human aspects of web & application performance.

Topics discussed with Tammy Everts:

  • 3:00 What was Tammy’s first connection to the web?
  • 3:24 Owning Uber
  • 4:06 “I own 20 different domains”
  • 5:24 Activity Impact Score
  • 9:26 Your own site, visitors determine performance impact
  • 11:20 How did you get into performance evangelism?
  • 13:47 When a client see user testing once…
  • 17:30 The Super Bowl Infographic
  • 20:30 The Consumer Performance Index
  • 22:01 What is synthetic data?
  • 28:00 There’s no Unicorn Metric
  • 28:59 Who is using mobile?
  • 30:17 What is the fastest growing demographic using mobile?
  • 33:33 People go straight to smart phones, never owning a laptop
  • 35:15 Tablet performance sucks. Why?
  • 37:45: “I don’t want to be a big pep rally for tablets, but…”
  • 40:16 What are the biggest performance issues that you see?
  • 46:53 Tammy’s book, “Time is Money”
  • 50:02 What Tammy is excited about in the future?

For those still on the Tamagotchi OS platform, Non Break­ing Space Show is still free of charge along with show notes and resources: Non Break­ing Space Show № 73: Tammy Everts — Web Performance

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